Passion to innovate

Being in this trade for decades, we have produced a wide array of garments, developed fabrics patterns, prints, and embroideries, but the passion for developing new fabric textures and designs has only grown.

The thought process of our design team is to create a collection inspired by a trend, theme or design direction from our buyers.

Our current collection comprises of:

  • Tops, dresses, tunics, pants etc. made of natural fibers such as Cotton, Viscose, Modal, Lyocell etc.
  • The bulk of our garments is washed to give a soft feel.
  • Value addition with placement prints, embroideries etc. are well within our capacity.
  • Yarn dyed fabrics & textured fabrics are developed based on the customer’s requirement.
  • We regularly import accessories and trims from the far east to provide a solution to our customers where laces or trims from the far east and textured fabrics from India can be combined to produce a cost effective product.